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[   ]Analysis of the 2007 Annual Action Programme for the Republic of Turkey, 2008, by Dr. M. Stanicic.pdf2009-12-01 10:45 450K 
[   ]EU-Turkey relations in the field of energy, 2006.pdf2009-12-01 10:45 290K 
[   ]History, current situation and possible future developments of Turkish migration to the EU, 2005.pdf2009-12-01 10:45 244K 
[   ]Human Rights issues in Turkey, 2008.pdf2009-12-01 10:45 523K 
[   ]Provisions for religious communities and religious freedom in Turkey, 2005.pdf2009-12-01 10:45 138K 
[   ]Recent political developments in Turkey, 2007.pdf2009-12-01 10:45 216K 
[   ]Religious freedom in Turkey situation of religious minorities, 2008, by B. Gültekin-Punsmann.pdf2009-12-01 10:46 535K 
[   ]Social dialogue and its contribution to social cohesion in Turkey, 2008, by G. Glynos.pdf2009-12-01 10:46 504K 
[   ]Social policy, employment and the role of Trade Unions in Turkey, 2008.pdf2009-12-01 10:46 220K 
[   ]The Turkish Civil Society, 2005.pdf2009-12-01 10:46 143K 
[   ]The closed Armenia-Turkey border Economic and social effects, 2007, by N. Tocci.pdf2009-12-01 10:46 795K 
[   ]The influence of Turkish military forces on political agenda-setting in Turkey, 2008, by S. Aksit & C. Melakopides.pdf2009-12-01 10:46 504K 
[   ]The legal ramifications of the case for closure of the AK Party, 2008, by C. Rumpf & E. Akartürk.PDF2009-12-01 10:46 544K 
[   ]The revised Turkish Penal Code, 2005.pdf2009-12-01 10:46 146K 
[   ]Turkey, country briefing, 2009.pdf2009-12-01 10:47 1.4M 
[   ]Turkey and the problem of the recognition of Cyprus, 2005.pdf2009-12-01 10:46 101K