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[   ]Challenges and opportunities for an EU Foreign Energy Policy, 2009, by Dr. A. Monaghan.pdf2009-12-01 10:51 442K 
[   ]Nabucco and South Stream An economic and market analysis, 2009, by Prof. A. Riley.pdf2009-12-01 10:51 654K 
[   ]The Russian economy more than just energy 2009, by A. Aslund.pdf2009-12-01 10:51 430K 
[   ]The future of EU-Russia relations, A way forward in solidarity and the rule of law, 2009, by A. Wilson, N. Popescu and P. Noel.pdf2009-12-01 10:51 483K 
[   ]The future of EU-Russia relations - A view from Russia, 2009, by F. Lukyanov.pdf2009-12-01 10:51 415K 
[   ]The gas crisis of 2009.pdf2009-12-01 10:51 149K