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[   ]A cost benefit analysis of the ENP for the EU's Southern partners, 2007, by M. Comelli.pdf2009-12-01 10:51 512K 
[   ]Analysis of the EU’s assistance to Ukraine, 2008, by Z. Ludvig, M. Koran & T. Szemler.pdf2009-12-01 10:52 472K 
[   ]Analysis of the EU's assistance to Armenia, 2008, by B. Gültekin Punsmann.pdf2009-12-01 10:52 678K 
[   ]Analysis of the EU's assistance to Azerbaijan, 2008, by J. Boniface.pdf2009-12-01 10:52 454K 
[   ]Analysis of the EU's assistance to Georgia, 2008, by Dr. P. Ehin.pdf2009-12-01 10:52 422K 
[   ]Analysis of the EU's assistance to Moldova, 2008, by A. Spruds, R. Danelsons & V. Kononenko.pdf2009-12-01 10:52 471K 
[   ]Conflict resolution as a policy goal under ENP in the Southern neighbourhood, 2007, by S. Wolff & R. Whitman.pdf2009-12-01 10:52 425K 
[   ]Human Rights and frozen conflicts in the Eastern neighbourhood, 2007, by M. Bielawski.pdf2009-12-01 10:52 550K 
[   ]La région sud de la PEV - Un espace de politiques concurrentes, 2007, par B. Labatut.pdf2009-12-01 10:52 418K 
[   ]Spotlight on democracy promotion Enhancing the European Neighbourhood Policy, 2005, by C. Barrios.pdf2009-12-01 10:52 227K 
[   ]The Eastern EU neighbourhood, how to enhance the EU's partners' ownership of the ENP, 2007, by K. Y. Nikolov .pdf2009-12-01 10:52 559K 
[   ]The Eastern Partnership - Context, key Commission proposals and the EP's role, 2008.pdf2009-12-01 10:52 180K 
[   ]The cost benefit analysis of the ENP for the EU's Eastern partners, 2007, by P. Kratochvíl .pdf2009-12-01 10:52 546K 
[   ]The threats facing the EU in its geographical neighbourhood, 2007, by Dr. A. Missiroli.pdf2009-12-01 10:53 450K 
[   ]Visa facilitation versus tightening of control, key aspects of the ENP, 2008, by J. Boniface, M. Wesseling.pdf2009-12-01 10:53 683K